Design teams become more productive when using DataPocket.

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Introducing DataPocket for design teams - The ultimate productivity tool that acts as a bridge between real data and design

At DataPocket our mission is simple, we do the heavy lifting when it comes to data so you can be more productive and in turn more successful. We believe that every designer should have real updated data at the click of a button regardless of their technical ability or location. 

Whether you’re an individual or a team, DataPocket instantly connects  whole product libraries to your favorite design platforms, be it Figma, Canva or Adobe, so you can create stunning designs, promotional content and resources within a fraction of the time. 

Reduces upload time by 80%

Gone are the days of spending hours copying and pasting every piece of product information onto your design platform and manually having to edit and upload any changes. 

More concise designs

Using accurate real product data allows your designs to have the customers’ perception from conception. Allowing you to spot potential changes,  mistakes and/or opportunities you may not have realized if you had used dummy/general images and information. DataPocket also allows you to stress test your designs with all the different information you’ll be using quickly and easily, resulting in less issues in production and a smoother end product. 


Different team members. Different design platforms. Same data source.

 Invite your team members to collaborate using the same data source or connect it to multiple design platforms with the click of a button. Regardless of your design teams technical ability or location, you can all use the same information simultaneously knowing that it is always reflecting any updates or modifications with DataPocket’s 24/7 synchronization.

Start with your end design in mind, it just makes sense. 

When we don’t use the relevant product data such as titles, pictures, prices… we end up focusing more on the optimal structure of the design instead of the product. By focusing on the design instead of the both the design and product together, we lose sight of the customer perception and use cases some customers could experience..

No nasty surprises when you upload product data.  

Ever created a beautiful seamless mock up for it to be riddled with errors and flaws when actual product data is finally uploaded. Bringing with it a lot more editing and fixing. Thanks to DataPocket it’s never been easier to create mockups and designs from scratch using the real product data, to ensure your designs are seamless and will have no nasty surprises. 

Increase Team’s Productivity & Efficiency.

DataPocket increases your team’s productivity 10x by uploading, managing and continuously synchronizing your product data for you and everyone you’re connected with. DataPocket creates processes that would typically require an engineer to create feedback loops between design platforms and data. Think of it like having your own personalized data engineers creating seamless product data communication loops to elevate your designs and creations for every design you create. NEVER worry about product data again and focus on collaborating and creating.

Data sources always up to date

Working with a client who’s on the other side of the world and it’s difficult to communicate with because of time difference, they’re or your busy schedule? 

Don’t worry, with DataPocket you significantly reduce the need to go back and forth with customers and clients in regard to Data. Any and all modifications to the original data source are processed by DataPocket which in turn updates the information on your design platform of choice and notifies the team of the changes made. Allowing you to work cross functionally with different teams/businesses without having to worry about using the correct/relevant product data. DataPocket continuously updates product data from the source so everyone has access to the most up to date data. Gone are the days of having to redo a mock up or piece of content because the wrong information was used.

Spend your time creating not uploading

Easily drag and drop any modifications made in no time Changes to products can be updated instantly. No more pricing or spelling mistakes. Be ahead of the market. Ensuring the Data you work with is ALWAYS CORRECT.

Product changes made to an existing design, fixed in seconds

DataPocket formats all product data allowing it to be used for drag and drop on design platforms like Figma and Canva. Allowing teams to easily drag and drop any modifications to the product and update their designs/mockups in seconds. Gone are the days of having to re do an entire design because of product updates.

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