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Helpie FAQ

  • Does DataPocket store credit card or payment information?

    No, DataPocket does not store any credit card or payment information. We fully delegate payment processing to Stripe, a secure and trusted payment gateway. This ensures that all payment data is handled in accordance with the highest security standards and compliance regulations, without being stored or processed by our systems.

  • Can I upgrade to the paid plan at any time?

    Certainly! You can upgrade to another paid plan anytime by accessing your account settings and navigating to Subscription.

    Once there, select the data source you want to upgrade, and you'll find an 'Upgrade Subscription' button ready for you to click.

  • How does DataPocket ensure the security and privacy of my data?

    At DataPocket, we prioritize the security and privacy of your data. We employ general security measures designed to protect your data from unauthorized access and potential breaches. By focusing on preventing unauthorized data access, we strive to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of your information.

  • Does DataPocket share my information with third parties?

    No, DataPocket does not share any information with third parties. We act as a bridge between your ecommerce platform and design tools like Canva, Figma, and Adobe, but these services do not have direct access to the data. This ensures that you can use our platform to incorporate real data into your designs without worrying about unauthorized use or disclosure of your information.

  • What type of data does DataPocket access when connecting to my systems?

    DataPocket accesses data from a variety of sources including product catalogs on ecommerce platforms, CSV files, and through API connections. We specialize in reading data and do not store or process sensitive data such as user credentials or personal customer information. Our operations are strictly read-only to ensure the security and integrity of your data, with a focus on maintaining the highest standards of data protection, especially when handling sensitive ecommerce data.

  • Is there a contract or commitment required for the paid plan?

    There's no need for a contract or commitment with the paid plan. You have the freedom to cancel or downgrade your plan whenever you wish, without any obligations or penalties.

    Keep in mind that with an annual plan, you'll have access to the features for a full year, with the payment made upfront. You have the flexibility to cancel your subscription at any time, and the benefits will remain active until the end of the paid time.

  • Does DataPocket offer a demo/free version?

    DataPocket has a free option and without any commitment.

    In order to test how DataPocket works you only need to create an account, completely free and without any commitment.

    If you wish to test how DataPocket works before connecting your own data source, you have free access to samples with data already connected once you sign up. Head to your favorite design tool to see how it works.

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