Connect and manage all your digital assets on Figma

DataPocket provides a centralized platform for synchronizing and collaborating using all data sets including images, titles, prices and descriptions ready at your fingertips to start designing straight away. 

Produce your best work together

Easily synchronize one or multiple data sources with your team and avoid the time-consuming processes of searching for files and data across multiple platforms.

Supercharge your eCommerce strategy instantly!

Effortlessly synchronize and manage all your digital assets from the most popular eCommerce: WooCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, Magento or upload a CSV directly from your preferred platform.

One pocket that delivers all your assets

Invite your team members to access and manage all the same digital assets in real-time regardless of role, department or country.

“DataPocket has helped us streamline our design efforts and work more efficiently. It's a great solution for managing digital assets and collaborating on projects using Canva, Adobe and Figma. Highly recommend it!”

Save time and streamline your content creation workflow

This seamless Figma integration is designed to simplify how content gets to market, making it easier for both individuals and teams to focus on creating great content.

With DataPocket, teams can stay organized and deliver optimized assets.

DataPocket offers robust security features to protect your valuable digital assets at all times.

One API that fits all

Want to take a step further? Seamlessly connect via our flexible and customizable API.