Data-Driven Marketer

Creative Freelancer

DIY Advertiser

Engaging Content Creator

AI Innovator Designer

 I’m a data-driven marketer at an ad agency, leveraging DataPocket to connect real-time data and design tools for targeted campaigns that drive results.

As a creative freelancer, DataPocket empowers me to seamlessly integrate client data into my preferred design tools, enhancing my creative process and delivering exceptional results.

As a small business owner, DataPocket enables me to create professional ads by effortlessly connecting my store’s data with popular design tools, maximizing my advertising efforts.

As an influencer, DataPocket allows me to craft captivating content by seamlessly integrating real data into my visual posts, connecting authentically with my followers.

As an AI innovator, DataPocket empowers me to seamlessly integrate real-time data into my AI models, revolutionizing industries and pushing the boundaries of intelligent solutions.

Speed up your validation processes

Collaboration made easy

Design collaboratively with your team at different platforms using multiple data sources.

DataPocket increases your design teams productivity 80x by uploading, managing and continuously synchronizing your product data for you and everyone you’re connected with.

Never worry about product data again and focus on collaborating and creating.

Be it Canva, Figma or Adobe, DataPocket streamlines your collaborative projects by saving you time, effort and mistakes on manually uploading product data.

Communication issues/problems

Work cross functionally with different teams/businesses without having to worry about using the correct/relevant product data.

DataPocket continuously updates product data from the source so everyone has access to the most up to date data.

Gone are the days of having to re do a mock up or piece of content because the wrong information was used.

Product changes made to an existing design, fixed in seconds

DataPocket formats all Product data allowing it to be used for drag and drop on design platforms like Figma, Adobe and Canva.
Allowing teams to easily drag and drop any modifications to the product and update their designs/mockups in seconds.

Work collaboratively with the SAME data source

Use the same updated DataSource with your team regardless of location. Perfect for remote teams to ensure that your teams are always up to date regardless of time zone or location. In an ever more remote working environment DataPocket allows teams to use the same up2date data.

DataPocket allows your teams to create without having to worry about continuously checking the data for modifications and changes.
Ensure your design teams doing what they do best, DESIGNING. DataPocket ensures that they are always using the same updated information so they can focus on creating not uploading and modifying information.

Thank you folks!

Thanks to everyone who helped build the DataPocket community from the start and still works with our tool on a daily basis. You are all real superstars!

DataPocket keeps helping teams and individuals across the world to increase their productivity when designing, working collaboratively, and handling customers’ data.



DataPocket is the productive tool that I’ve needed for so long.

Creating instant designs within a Pocket is a game changer.



Fantastic app. Enjoying the ability to organize all backend data, along with my team.

This removes 99% of the logistics effort in organizing time with clients and teams.



Very innovative; I can’t wait for the future roadmap.

I’m hooked!



Thanks for this tool team.

Will save a lot of time. Congratulations on the launch 🎉



Nice work guys – this looks super cool.

It’s nice to see a tool helping with messy assets, and doing it seamlessly!



Woow, looks great! Thanks for leeting us to be one of the first.

Congrats on the launch!