DataPocket @ the first Canva Developers event

DataPocket, a groundbreaking design optimization tool, was developed by Ovixia exclusively for Canva’s vast user base of over 135 million designers. DataPocket seamlessly integrates with Canva, revolutionizing the authoring process by connecting content directly to the platform.


Bridging the Gap Between Content and Design Platforms

The collaboration between Ovixia and Canva began in September 2022 when Ovixia joined the prestigious Canva Developers program. With a shared vision of transforming the design process, Ovixia set out to bridge the gap between content and design platforms. The result is DataPocket, an all-in-one solution that optimizes users’ designs, providing not only images but also text, and empowering them to take their creations to the next level.

Enhancing Creative Capabilities

Since DataPocket was added to Canva’s list of apps in March 2023, Ovixia has been working closely with Canva to refine and enhance the tool. This milestone marks a significant breakthrough in the design world, offering Canva users a comprehensive solution that enhances their creative capabilities like never before.
Amazing Era

Presence at Canva Extend

Excitingly, Ovixia had the privilege of being part of the prestigious Canva Extend event, the first-ever Canva Developer Community conference held on June 14th in San Francisco. During the event, Ovixia showcased the exceptional capabilities of DataPocket, captivating attendees with its seamless integration and time-saving benefits within the Canva ecosystem.


Canva Extend provided an invaluable platform to unveil the latest developments for developers, featuring hands-on workshops, resource sharing, and growth opportunities across various fields. Professionals from diverse backgrounds, including engineers, product managers, and business developers, converged to explore the vision of the Canva Developer Platform, gain insights into API details, and even write their first lines of Canva code.

Great day after months of development

We are incredibly proud to be one of the first Canva Developers, and we are thrilled with what we have accomplished with DataPocket

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