DataPocket and Exciting Updates Unveiled @ Figma Config 2023

As a proud participant and esteemed plugin in the Figma ecosystem, DataPocket is dedicated to bridging the gap between design and development, enabling Figma users to streamline their workflows and unleash their creative potential. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of our collaboration with Figma, highlight the benefits of using DataPocket, and provide an overview of the exciting updates unveiled at Config 2023.
Looking into the future of design

Enhancing design and development collaboration

At Config 2023, Figma revealed groundbreaking updates aimed at bringing designers and developers closer together. The introduction of Dev Mode in Figma provides a dedicated space for seamless collaboration, facilitating faster design-to-production workflows. With the power of DataPocket, Figma users can move effortlessly into design without having to worry about content, simplifying the process and accelerating project timelines.

Empowering designers with insights and efficiency

DataPocket offers Figma users a number of invaluable features that enhance their design experience. The ability to connect data allows designers to easily obtain their eCommerce content by simply hovering over objects, text and prices and clicking on them within Figma templates. This seamless integration between design and content promotes efficiency and ensures that design intent is accurately translated.
Amazing Era

Automation and integration for streamlined workflows

The power of DataPocket goes beyond eCommerce content. Figma users can leverage the solution and connect any data source that crosses their minds. This level of automation saves time, minimizes errors and allows teams to collaborate effortlessly within their preferred ecosystem.

Design system synchronization and collaboration

To maintain consistency across design and development teams, Figma introduced the ability to link components to code, ensuring that design systems remain in sync with the latest codebase. This seamless synchronization enables efficient collaboration between designers and developers, reducing discrepancies and promoting a unified brand experience.

Exciting times @ figma

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