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DataPocket collaborates with the Spanish Canva Creators community

In a momentous webinar that took place on July 12th, DataPocket had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with Canva. Unquestionably we are grateful to extend our heartfelt appreciation to Gonzalo, the Community Lead of Spanish Canva Creators. During this engaging masterclass, Jorge Casals, the driving force behind DataPocket, shared the fascinating story of how it all began and the momentous journey we embarked on with Canva

A glimpse into the story of DataPocket and Canva

The story of DataPocket dates back to April 2022 when Canva approached us to join their exclusive Alpha API program. Thrilled with the prospect, we worked closely together to develop DataPocket, aiming to enhance the user experience with the new Canva API. Henceforth a milestone moment awaited us in June at the Canva Extend event. Where we had the privilege of meeting in person all those who supported us in this transformative development. “We are deeply proud to be among the select few Canva developers and the only Spanish developers to be part of the prestigious Canva Marketplace”, said Jorge Casals.  

Jorge passionately defined DataPocket´s versatility within Canva and highlighted the seamless integration of data sources, including WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, and more. “We proudly stand as the sole tool connecting image, text, and prices, occupying no additional space in Canva”, explained Jorge. By using DataPocket, users ensure consistency in members who can access a DataPocket account within Canva. The advantages of using DataPocket are evident in increased productivity and simplicity. Where Canva templates become a matter of effortless drag-and-drop creativity. 

In the webinar, videos featuring real-life use cases were showcased to demonstrate the ease of using DataPocket. “We would be thrilled to witness the audience’s excitement and eagerness to generate their own use cases with the tool” said Casals. Jorge generously offered during the presentation two CSVs. Allowing participants to experience the magic of using real data sources with DataPocket. 

The challenge between DataPocket and Canva Creators

Next up, the charismatic Gonzalo, leading the Canva Creators Spanish community, took the stage and introduced an exhilarating challenge to the audience. Additionally the challenge invites creators to design captivating templates for online stores. Empowering DataPocket users to seamlessly incorporate content with their products directly in Canva. Four designs, including Instagram posts, stories, flyers, and product brochures, are the crux of this thrilling challenge.

Accordingly the Canva jury will assess the template designs based on various criteria. Including visual aesthetics, usability, adherence to design guidelines and diversity in representation. Furthermore, templates that are noy mere resizes will be given special consideration. 

The webinar concluded with an interactive Q&A session where participants enthusiastically posed their questions , allowing for valuable insights and memorable exchange of ideas. 

We extend an open invitation to all creators to participate in this remarkable challenge. Exploring the limitless possibilities of design with DataPocket and Canva. Let’s come together to ignite our creativity and chay new frontiers in the world of design!

Below you can watch the video: 

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