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General Manager of DataPocket explaining all GoDaddy Pro users the advantages and usages of DataPocket

On July 10th, we had the privilege of teaming up with GoDaddy, a renowned internet domain  registrar and web hosting company. Conducting an insightful and engaging webinar together. The masterclass provided a unique opportunity for us to share the story of DataPocket. Its remarkable features, and demonstrate its seamless integration with Canva and Figma using WooCommerce and WordPress data sources. We are truly grateful to GoDaddy for allowing us this platform to showcase our product and bring it to the limelight. 

Exploring Jorge’s profile and career journey

The webinar kicked off by delving into the professional journey of our esteemed speaker, Jorge Casals, General Manager of DataPocket. With years of experience and expertise in the digital landscape, Jorge’s insightful presentation shed light on his path to success, inspirations, and the challenges he encountered along the way. His captivating storytelling laid the foundation for understanding DataPocket’s genesis. 

DataPocket’s story and features

The spotlight then shifted towards DataPocket, a cutting-edge SaaS tool that bridges the gap between WordPress and eCommerce worlds with the powerful design platforms, Canva and Figma. Attendees are taken on a journey through DataPocket’s inception, evolution, and the vision that drives our passion for empowering designers and teams worldwide. 

Our webinar participants gained an in-depth understanding of DataPocket’s standout features. Offering real-time connectivity between eCommerce and WordPress, ensuring a seamless content creation workflow. From comprehensive data sources to intuitive design integration. DataPocket emerged as a valuable tool for designers, creators and businesses seeking efficient solutions. 

Canva and Figma´s Demo

The highlight of the masterclass was the live demonstration of DataPocket’s powers. Jorge navigated effortlessly through Canva and Figma, showcasing how DataPocket effortlessly integrates with these design platforms using WooCommerce and WordPress data sources. The audience witnessed the limitless possibilities of data-driven design, witnessing firsthand how DataPocket streamlines the creative process. 

A grateful appreciation to GoDaddy

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to GoDaddy, especially to Maja Loncar, Marketing Manager at GoDaddy Pro EMEA, for hosting us in this remarkable webinar. Their support and collaboration allowed us to present DataPocket to a wider audience and share the story behind our journey. The webinar not only strengthened our partnership but also opened doors for new possibilities and connections. 

As we reflect on this incredible experience, we look forward to further collaborations and growth in the industry. DataPocket remains committed to empowering designers and teams with innovative ways of integration. We are grateful to GoDaddy for being part of our mission. 

To all who attended, we hope the webinar was as enlightening and inspiring for you as it was for us. Your support drives us to continue enhancing our product and making a positive impact in the design community. Thanks for the very interesting questions you asked us, stay tuned for more updates, exciting features and future webinars! 

For those of you who couldn’t make it for the webinar, here you can watch it:

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