Mastering content strategy for your eCommerce in 4 Simple steps

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Mastering content strategy for your eCommerce during a webinar hosted by Metricool and led by Jorge Casals

The digital landscape is rapidly evolving, and content is at its heart. For eCommerce businesses, mastering content strategy is the key to success. In a recent webinar collaboration with Metricool, DataPocket explored how to dominate content strategy in four easy steps. 

Putting ourselves in context

Jorge Casals, General Manager of DataPocket, dived into how this powerful combination of tools can revolutionize your eCommerce game: 

The powers of the apps in Canva

Canva offers a world of creative possibilities, both for input and output. In this scenario, DataPocket takes center stage as the input, seamlessly bringing your eCommerce products with their images, text, and prices into the creative realm. Metricool, on the other hand, serves as the output, importing your Canva designs for effective social media planning”, explained Jorge. 

The Changing Landscape of eCommerce

The eCommerce landscape is undergoing a rapid transformation. With the ever-evolving capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI), eCommerce has embraced new ways to harness its potential. Additionally, eCommerce is now a global phenomenon, consistently being a good choice for consumers worldwide”, said Casals. 

Main goals of the eCommerce content strategy

In the webinar, Jorge walked through a practical demonstration of how to:

  1. Streamline content creation processes
  2. Minimize errors
  3. Ensure up-to-date information
  4. Collaborate with brands, colleagues, or agencies using the same set of products
  5. Plan your content seamlessly with Canva and Metricool

4 Steps to master content strategy

During the webinar, Jorge detailed the step-by-step process and showed the audience a demo with different types of content that you can create within Canva using your eCommerce products. The steps to unveil the magic of combination of these three tools (DataPocket, Canva and Metricool) is: 

  1. Connecting your eCommerce to DataPocket 
  2. Accessing Canva, selecting your templates, and defining your branding
  3. Opening DataPocket within Canva’s official applications and initiating your content creation
  4. Exporting your content to Metricool for efficient content planning and strategy mastery

What ‘s next?

Looking ahead, DataPocket is ready to embrace the AI wave by introducing a magical button, taking cues from Canva’s innovation. This button will be a game-changer for those who sometimes struggle with creative blocks. It generates a claim based on your content, exclusively available in DataPocket within Canva. 

Our vision is to empower content creators, social media managers, and eCommerce enthusiasts worldwide by saving time, enhancing workflow efficiency, and simplifying content planning with just a click”, Jorge highlights. 

Mastering content strategy is the linchpin of eCommerce success. The collaborative power of DataPocket, Canva, and Metricool simplifies content creation, planning, and therefore execution. As eCommerce continues to evolve, staying ahead with innovative tools and strategies is significantly paramount. Subsequently with DataPocket’s AI integration on the horizon, the future promises even more creative freedom and efficiency for content creators worldwide.

Watch the complete webinar on Metricool’s YouTube channel while you join us in the exciting journey of reshaping the eCommerce content landscape. 

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