DataPocket and GoDaddy US join forces in a webinar

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Our newest collaboration with GoDaddy US where we dive onto how WooCommerce and WordPress can be connected to Canva, Figma and Adobe

In a world where digital design reigns supreme, bridging the gap between WordPress, eCommerce, and top design platforms like Figma, Adobe, and Canva is the key to unlocking creativity and efficiency. DataPocket recently had the privilege of partnering with GoDaddy US to host a groundbreaking webinar. Subsequently named “Bridging the WordPress & eCommerce World to Figma, Adobe, and Canva.”

At DataPocket we consider the US market our biggest target as it is full of agencies, freelancers, brands and businesses hungry for innovative solutions that streamline their digital workflows.  So this webinar was a great opportunity to connect with our US audience and demonstrate how DataPocket can be a game changer in their creative processes.

Unlocking the Power of DataPocket

The webinar commenced with a comprehensive introduction to DataPocket. Our General Manager, Jorge Casals, delved into the heart of what DataPocket represents. It’s not just a tool; it’s a revolution in how we approach digital design. Jorge emphasized DataPocket’s commitment to simplifying and optimizing creative workflows for individuals and businesses.

During the webinar, we talked about the journey that has brought DataPocket to where it is today. From participation in the Canva Alpha programme, launches at Figma and Adobe, our participation at Canva Extend in San Francisco and the global launch of DataPocket at Canva. These milestones are testament to our commitment to innovation and collaboration.

What better way to understand DataPocket’s capabilities than through real-time demonstrations? Our expert conducted live demos in Canva and Figma, showcasing how DataPocket seamlessly integrates with these platforms. Attendees witnessed how DataPocket can swiftly generate content from WordPress and WooCommerce data and transform it into visually stunning designs.

DataPocket is versatile, catering to a wide spectrum of users. We highlighted how agencies can leverage DataPocket for efficient client work, freelancers can enhance their creative output, and brands and enterprises can streamline their content creation processes.

Join the DataPocket Revolution

In closing, we want to extend our heartfelt thanks to GoDaddy US for this incredible opportunity to connect with the US market. DataPocket is more than a tool; it’s a community of creative minds working together to transform the digital design landscape.

If you missed the webinar, don’t worry; you can catch the recording here.

Join us in the DataPocket revolution, where creativity knows no bounds, and digital design becomes a breeze. Your journey to a more efficient and streamlined creative process starts here.

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