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Jordi San Ildefonso from Metricool accompanied by Jorge Casals, from DataPocket, guided us through planning, executing and measuring the social media presence. 

Social media today is an integral part of our lives, with an astonishing 4.76 billion users representing 60% of the world’s population according to Metricool. Among the adult population, 78% actively engage with social media, spending an average of 2 hours and 31 minutes per day. With over 7 social media to manage, it’s essential to craft a winning strategy that maximizes your impact. 

That’s why, this month we have learned how to boost a business or project online with a powerful social media strategy. Thanks to our collaboration with Metricool, we offered our audience an exclusive masterclass: “7 steps of a social media strategy for brands and professionals”, hosted by Metricool and DataPocket on July 5th, via Vidiv

7 steps to success by Metricool and DataPocket

During the masterclass, Marketing Strategist Jordi San Ildefonso from Metricool accompanied by Jorge Casals, General Manager of DataPocket, guided us through planning, executing and measuring the social media presence. 

Find your best platform

Start by identifying the social media where you have the most followers, impressions and interactions. 

Brainstorm and elevate your content

Analyze the performance of your posts, spot trends with detective-like precision, and research your competitors’ strategies. Draw valuable conclusions to apply in your own social media approach. 

Effective planning

Optimize your time with a highly visual calendar and discover better publication times. Utilize the scheduler to post now or plan for the future. With multiposting, streamline your efforts by editing image4s, searching for hashtags, and choosing to autopost or not. 

Seamless interaction

Interact with your community effortlessly from a single platform. Save time by replying to comments and messages across all your social media. Use filters and search terms to address your audience´s needs quickly and effectively. 

Measuring analytics

Analyze data from your website, understand your readers´location, and track the performance of your posts, reels, stories, and competitors across various social media. Focus on the most crucial metrics – Activity, Community, Intecarion and Reach- to measure your success accurately. 

Boost your content with Ads

Accelerate your growth with targeted ads. Create campaigns, compare their performance, and optimize your content with the Keyword optimizer and Ads Analytics tools. 

Customized reports

Impress your clients with professional and visually appealing reports Define the time period, choose the sections to include, and customize your reports with your brand’s visual identity. Generate personalized reports in just one minute and deliver them effortlessly. 

All in all, DataPocket can be the missing link to further optimize your social media content creation. By incorporating the tool into your social media strategy, you´ll be able to create impactful posts in Canva, Figma and Adobe. Seamlessly connect eCommerce, WordPress and other data sources to your design platforms, allowing you to use real content effortlessly. 

Watch our webinar with Metricool and discover the 7 keys to an effective social media strategy. 

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